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Our Approach is Grounded in Research

On paper, any site may look attractive, but the site selection brokers at Rise Property Group take a multi-dimensional view of a property. We peel back the layers to gain a solid understanding of all the nuances and also determine the level of regional and local market saturation. Speed doesn’t factor into our equation. Moving clients into vacant properties as though they were a chess piece may be a practice by competitors, but our top priorities are to build trust and integrity. We can ascertain if the transaction is flashing a green light or if it is time to tap the brakes.

First, we gain a thorough awareness of the client’s business and strategic goal. If we can confirm that the two are aligned, we conduct an in-depth analysis, including: profile target customers, conduct demographic studies, perform competitive analysis, examine the asset and logistics, negotiate the terms of the lease/sale, and evaluate tax liabilities. At Rise Property Group, we understand that a client’s real estate acquisition is one of the most significant decisions they will ever make. We are committed to delivering superior outcomes – every time.

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